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Working as a VA is amazing, but it can be even better with the right community!

Feeling a little lost in the VA world?

  • Do you have business questions that you're not sure who to ask?
  • Do you want to continue to refine your skills and bring in better clients?
  • Do you dream of a community where everyone understands the complexities of VA life?

The Podcast VA Membership is the place to ask tough questions, learn more in-depth skills, and be supported by virtual assistants just like you.

Coaching, Community, and Education. The Trifecta of VA Success.

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Imagine that you belong to a community that truly GETS the struggles of VA life, is here to support you on your journey, and gives you the guidance you need to stay on top of trends in your industry.

No more venting to friends who don’t know the struggle of feeling like you’re always “at work” (because “at work” is  home, the coffee shop, the beach, the hotel…) or the nuance of discovery calls vs sales calls.


  • You can share a meme about the love-hate relationship you have with technology, and everyone will get it.
  • You can post about playing hooky to go shopping in the middle of the day, and get a bunch of hi-fives.
  • You can ask tough questions, like “How do I end this contract early?” or “What’s the best way to follow up with this no-show?” and get answers from people who have been there.

And, you’ll also have access to dozens of pre-recorded and live training calls on the business-building, client-finding, and financial aspects of running a VA business and the tools & skills you need to work specifically with podcasters.

Joining the Podcast VA Membership will re-energize your VA business.

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I need coaching & community. Sign me up!

Coaching & community for you and your VA business.


Two live sessions each month where you can ask questions and get advice from our founders (and former virtual assistants), Jenn & Kelly.


A private online community for virtual assistants who work for podcasters. Ask questions, swap referrals, vent about tough situations, or just pop in to say hi when working from home feels a little lonely.


A live training session from an industry expert or our founders each month on a variety of topics & trends you need to know as a pocast VA, plus access to our library of past training sessions.

All for the low price of $37/month or $297 for the year.

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Here's what is included with the Podcast VA Membership 

Here’s what is included with the Podcast VA Membership

  • Access for one year to our private community, The Podcast VA Connection, where you can connect with other virtual assistants to share tips, ask questions, swap referrals, or just chat about life as a VA.
  • Access for one year to our Education Library - dozens of training videos on topics that matter to virtual assistants, with a special focus on trends and tools for the VA who works with podcasters. 
  • Access for one year to bonus materials that coordinate with the training courses - things like swipe files, downloads, prompts, coupon codes, and templates.
  • Twelve live training sessions by our founders or an industry expert on topics that matter to virtual assistants, with a focus on trends & tools for the VA who works with podcasters. (One per month for your one-year membership.)
  • Twelve live Q&A and Coworking sessions, where you’ll have the opportunity to get coaching and support for business & personal topics that matter to you. (One per month for your one-year membership.)

All for $37/month or one payment of $297.

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