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Getting clients as a virtual assistant doesn’t have to mean spending hours a day on social media or sending dozens of cold emails.

It can be as simple as creating a beautiful listing in our directory and letting clients come to you!

Imagine how awesome it would be to

  • Spend your time working *for* your clients (and getting paid), rather than working on getting new clients.
  • Build your VA business slowly and steadily, giving you plenty of time to onboard new clients and get fully acclimated to the work they need, before bringing on a new client.
  • Get emails arriving in your inbox every way that say “A new client wants to connect with you!”

Plus, you’ll have a much higher conversion rate on your sales calls because every client we send your way is actively looking to hire a VA for their podcast and has already made the difficult first step to reach out to you!

Once you have your listing in the Podcast VA Directory, you can choose to increase your business growth by adding on other networking & client-finding activities, or to trust that the directory will bring the right clients to you at the right time. 

{If you’re not a podcast VA, click here to learn what it takes to work for podcasters.}

You can get matched with podcasters who are looking for virtual assistants right now.

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I know what you're sites are scams.

But The Podcast VA Association Directory is different.

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You're afraid that we’ll take your money and run.


That might be the case with conventional directories that spend all their time marketing to the service providers and freelancers who make up their directories, and none on getting the word out to the clients who want to hire those people. 

Let me promise you, the Podcast VA Directory is different.

While we can't promise the you'll get hired**, we do promise that we are marketing the directory right now to podcasters all over the world.

  • Every year, we present our Podcast VA Directory at all the major podcast conferences, including PodFest, Podcast Movement, PodFest Global, ShePodcasts and more.
  • We are members of several podcast communities and forums, where we are continually sharing about what we do and why independent podcasters need virtual assistants.
  • We rank on the first page of Google for the terms “podcast VA” and “podcast virtual assistant” and nearly 50% of our podcasters find us through search!

And our directory works.

Every Certified Podcast VA in our directory has been contacted by at least 2 podcasters in their first 3 months with us, and many have been contacted and under contract with more than that!

The VAs in our directory are getting hired and making good money in their businesses, and you can too!

**Podcast VA Association works as a matchmaking service helping podcasters get matched with the right VA for their business. While there is no guarantee of employment, we do offer guidance and support to VAs for creating an impactful listing that will get clients interested in hiring you.

Join the Directory
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Here's how it works: 


  1. Click the orange button to enroll in the directory and we’ll send you a link to a Google form.
  2. Fill out the form with all the important information you want your potential clients to know about you - the genres of podcasts you want to work on, the skills you have & tasks you love, and the amount of hours you’re available each month.
  3. We’ll create your directory listing and promote the directory to podcasters all over the world.
  4. Sit back & let the clients come to you. When a client decides you’re the VA for them, we’ll connect the two of you via email.
  5. You and the client work out the details of your working arrangement - the scope of the project(s), the timeline of your contract, and the amount they’ll pay you. Podcast VA Association does not interfere with this process (or take any of your payment), but we can answer questions if you have any*. 


If you don’t have experience working with podcasters or you want a premium listing in the directory, you might want to take our Podcast VA Certification program. Click here to learn more about the Certification program.

*If you desire additional coaching and support while you grow your VA business, you may be interested in joining our Membership. Click here to learn about our VA Membership.

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Ready to create your directory listing?

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Claim your spot in the Podcast VA Directory and let clients come to you.


Here’s what is included when you join the Podcast VA Directory:

  • A basic listing in the Podcast VA Directory, which you can customize with your own headshot, bio, and business information.
  • Listing expires 365 days from date of purchase.
  • You can upgrade your listing to a premium listing, which comes with a “Certified Podcast VA” designation and photo frame, by completing the Podcast VA Certification Course and Assessment. Click here to learn about the Certification Program.
I'm ready to create my listing and let clients come to me.