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Podcast Trends 2022: Audiograms

audiogram podcast trends virtual assistant podcast tasks Nov 08, 2022

As attention spans shorten and our feeds get saturated, it takes more than a static post or image to catch your audience's attention when they're scrolling. This is where audiograms shine!

Audiograms are animated snippets of your show that give your audience a quick takeaway or a sneak preview of they'll get from your show. They are great for promotion on all social media platforms, including Twitter & Instagram which are two of the hottest for sharing podcasts on right now.

Because they include audio from your show and usually have some animation or video, they're great for grabbing your audience's attention. making it more likely that you'll pique their interest and get them to click over to your episode.

Because audiograms are short and shareable, they're also easy and fun for your audience to share with their friends, making it more likely that they'll do that - and remember, most podcasts still grow best due to sharing between real-life friends. Audiograms make that way more likely to happen.

{embed audiogram here} - see comment below

Depending on your time & creativity level, there are a few different types of audiograms you can create. We'll talk about them here from easiest to most difficult to create.

  1. Text only

Text only audiograms are super simple to create in a platform like Descript, which take the text and the audio and animate them with a sound wave. You can customize the text & the color on these to match your show's branding colors. These are a really great simple option.

2. Image & Audio

Using Canva or other video editing platforms, you can create audiograms with a static image, animation, and/or sound waves. These can be a lot of fun, especially when you have guests on and can lay the audio over images of you and the guest. You can get as creative as you want with these.

3. Video & Audio

Video audiograms are great if you record video and audio for your episodes. They give you a great option for letting your social media followers get to know you and your guest without committing to the whole episode. These can be created in Canva or other video editing software.

What does this mean for me?

For Podcasters: If you aren't already creating audiograms, now is the time! With video-based content outranking static content on nearly every platform, audiograms are an easy way to add some movement to your feed, entice your social media followers to listen, and make it easy for your followers to share your content with their friends.

The Certified VAs we've trained for our directory have learned how to create audiograms with Descript and Canva, so if you're struggling to create them consistently on your own, consider hiring help!

For VAs: If you know how to create audiograms, and you love social media promotion of podcasts, consider adding audiogram creation to your packages. Then make sure your potential clients know why they need your audiogram-creation services. In your promotional content, educate your audience on what audiograms are and why they're important for the growth of their show, and then tell them you can help.

If you don't know how to create audiograms, now is the time to learn. You can enroll in the next round of training with us in early 2023, or look for tutorials in Canva, Descript, and other video creation & editing platforms. This is a hot skill to have right now, so I encourage you to learn how to create them.

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