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Podcast Trends 2022 : Advertising Marketplaces

ads monetization podcast trends virtual assistant podcast tasks Oct 24, 2022

Podcast advertising is big business, with podcast advertising dollars expected to hit $1.33 billion this year (per, with some forecasts estimating we'll see $2 billion in ad spend in 2023 (per

It used to be that only the biggest of players could run ads. Creating, selling, and tracking ads was a time- and cost-intensive process that not many companies could afford.

But, with the arrival of podcast ad marketplaces, like Gumball, Midroll, Podcorn, and AdvertiseCast, creating and selling ads is now accessible to the everyday advertiser. And more advertisers means more opportunities for your show to run ads.

These marketplaces work like a matchmaking service (a lot like us here at PodVA 🙂), matching advertisers with the podcasts that are the best fit for them.

A quick glance at the interface of one of these platforms and you'll see that, from the advertising side, it's simple and easy to get started : pick the genre you want your ads on, dial in on some specifics of the audience you're after, and click search. The AI brings you a list of podcasts you could run your ad on.

 From the podcaster side, it can be a bit more complex. For many of these platforms, you'll need to apply to have your show added to the directory and it must meet some basic minimum specifications to qualify. But, once you qualify, you can start making money almost immediately.

 What does this mean for you?

As ease of creating and selling ads increasers, the podcast advertising world opens up to a host of smaller & more niched advertisers. They, in turn, will be looking for small, niched shows to advertise on.

For Podcasters: Audience size/growth and episode consistency are two of the factors most of these advertising marketplaces consider when vetting your podcast for their database. There are two takeaways for you:

  1. Streamline the production and publicity of your show so you never miss an episode, and never forget to let your audience know that episode is live!

  2. Know your numbers. Get familiar with your show's analytics dashboard and track those numbers so you can be sure to note any major changes - good or bad.

If you're interested in running ads on your show, it might be time to hire a VA to take on some of these tasks for you, so that you can focus on making sure the quality of the episodes and *the ads* stays top-notch and you earn rave reviews from your advertisers.

For Virtual Assistants: Many podcasters want to monetize their shows - either now or in the future. Get familiar with these marketplaces and analytics so you can guide your podcast clients through the process of getting entered into the databases and getting their shows selected.


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