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Becoming a VA sounded like a great work-from-home option, until you realized that competition is fierce, and setting yourself apart from the crowd is a challenge.

And now, you're tired.

  • You're tired of not being able to stand out from the crowd.
  • You're tired of apply for dozens of jobs and not getting hired.
  • And you're tired of feeling like a tiny fish in a big sea of other virtual assistants who have been doing what you do for a whole lot longer and have all the testimonials and referrals to back up their skills.

You know you need to do something different to stand out, and we have the answer: Become a Certified Podcast VA! 

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Imagine how much easier it will be to get hired when you have a specialized skill that allows you to stand out from the sea of other virtual assistants.

➔ You'll know exactly which #jobopps to apply for and which to let go.

➔ You'll have the exact in-demand skillset needed to help dream clients.

➔ You'll get hired quickly because the right clients will KNOW you can help them.

And the skillset that's in highest demand in 2023 is podcasting.

You can be fully trained, certified, and ready to find your next client in just 4 weeks!


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Learn an in-demand skill, get hired by dream clients, and increase your income. 

Introducing the The Podcast VA Certification!

Learn everything you need to stand out and get hired fast.

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In our training, we teach you everything you need to know to successfully manage a show.


  1. Administrative: managing emails, walking guests through the interview process, organizing files and creating systems & workflows

  2. Publicity: creating social media graphics & content, finding collaboration opportunities, and developing partnerships

  3. Technology: publish episodes, write show notes, create transcripts, and upload new episodes to the show's website


When you finish our training course, you'll be ready to hit the ground running.


And Podcast VA Association is the only organization that actively markets our certified VAs to experienced podcasters so they know exactly where to find you. 


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Here's what's included in the podcast VA certification from Podcast VA Association.



➔ 4 training modules that you can work through at you own pace so that you can truly learn the material and gain the skills you need to succeed as a podcast VA

➔ Bi-weekly live Q&A sessions with Jenn & Kelly, so that you can get help working through problems or getting clarification in real-time.

➔Official Podcast VA Certification that proves that you have the skills you say you do, building trust with potential clients and making it more likely that they’ll hire you.

➔Access to the podcast VA private community so you can network with & swap referrals with other VAs.

➔A listing in the Podcast VA Directory so that podcasters who are looking to hire* can more easily find you.

➔ A feature on our Instagram in Reels & Stories so you can grow your audience and get in front of more podcasters on Instagram!

All this for only $597!

If you’re ready to uplevel your skills so you can uplevel your income, don’t wait - once we close the doors on this enrollment period, they won't open again until June.


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*While we will do our best to help you get hired by a podcaster from our community, there is no guarantee of employment. 

Hi! We're Jenn & Kelly, founders of Podcast VA Association.

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We are podcasters. Like so many other podcasters, we started our shows out of a passion for sharing our gift and message with the world.

Jenn is a mompreneur with a passion for systems, workflows, and simplifying. She launched her podcast This Mom Knows in 2020 with a mission to help moms get more done in less time so they don't have to choose between their family or their business.

By the time I (Kelly) launched my podcast The Social-Savvy Introvert in 2021, Jenn was already feeling the pressure of juggling a growing business, a growing family, AND a growing podcast, and she knew she needed help.

Here's the thing I love about Jenn - she knows the value in bringing in help as soon as you need it.

But, finding an experienced virtual assistant, one that she didn't have to train from the ground up, was an impossible task for Jenn. And she was finding out from others in her podcasting groups and forums that podcasters all over struggled to find qualified VAs.

At the end of 2021, Jenn presented me with the idea of training & certifying VAs ourselves, and I was sold.

As a former VA myself, I knew firsthand the struggle of getting connected with the clients who were looking to hire! And so, the podcast VA directory was born.

We know that having a directory podcasters could search to find their perfect VA would be an invaluable tool in helping our certified VAs get hired by their dream clients AND in helping podcasters find the perfect VA to help them with their needs.

The training course and the directory combine to make Podcast VA Association the best certifying organization for virtual assistants looking to up-level their skills so they can get hired more quickly and increase their income.

We're so excited that you're considering becoming a podcast VA. If you have any questions about our training, the certifications process, or the directory, send us an email

I can't wait to see you inside the course.

- Kelly VanHoveln


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