$897.00 USD

Business Builder Bundle

This is the option for you if you're SERIOUS about building your VA busines.

When you purchase today, you'll have immediate access to The Connection - our private VA community - and to all the Podcast VA Certification materials. Plus, you'll have access to  our bonus content library, where you'll find trainings on podcast tools, podcasting trends, business building and more.

This bundle includes everything you need to know about podcasting to be a successful virtual assistant in the industry.

Here's what's included with your purchase of the Business Builder Bundle:

1. The Podcast VA Certification Program (lifetime access)

➔ Training materials on the three skills you need to be successful as a podcast VA: publicity, promotion, and publishing.

➔ Training materials on business best-practices for VAs, including scripts for running Discovery Calls & Sales Calls, sample contracts, and recommendations for client-finding activities

2. The Podcast VA Coaching & Community Membership (for 12 months)

➔ Monthly live training sessions on podcast tools, podcast trends, business-building tips, etc. from the Podcast VA Team and from guest experts.

➔ Access to our library of past training sessions with guest experts and more. 

➔ Monthly live Q&A sessions with Jenn & Kelly, so that you can get help working through problems or getting clarification in real-time.

➔ Access to the Podcast VA Connection, our private community,  so you can network with & swap referrals with other VAs.

3. The Podcast VA Directory (for 12 months)

➔ As soon as you purchase, you'll receive a form to create a listing in the Podcast VA Directory

➔  Once you complete the Certification training materials and assesment, you'll be able to 

 - upgrade your listing to a premium listing which includes a special "Certified Podcast VA" designation on your photo, a more in-depth listing, and priority ranking in our search results.

- be featured on our Instagram Reels & Stories to help you grow your audience & get you in front of more podcasters on Instagram.

The Membership + Directory Listing expire 365 days from date of purchase, with the option to renew either or both features at that time.