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Working as a VA can be awesome, but VA burnout is real if you don't have the right pieces in place for your business.

You've been hustling to grow your VA business. And now, you're tired.

  • Tired of not having the flexibility & freedom that you craved when you decided to become a Virtual Assistant.
  • Tired of being stuck at an income plateau that you just can't break. 
  • Tired of feeling like everyone else has cracked the code to making it as a profitable VA, while you're stuck making pennies from demanding clients who drain your energy.

You know you need to do something different so that you finally feel the time freedom, the flexibility, and the income you dream of, and we have the answer: Become a Certified Podcast VA

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Imagine how much easier it will be to level-up your business when you have a specialized skill that allows you to confidently create and sell profitable packages to top-notch clients. 

Now add a year in the world's only Directory for Podcast VAs, and a year of coaching, next-level education, and community support in our Membership.

 The Profitable Podcast VA Bundle is for you if you're ready to claim your place in the market as a highly-desirable Certified Podcast VA and get back the freedom you dream of.

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Become a Certified Podcast VA in just one month and revolutionize your business in one year with

The Profitable Podcast VA Bundle.

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The Certification Program

Learn everything you need to know about working as a Podcast VA in our 4-module Certification program. Complete the program, become certified, and start selling your amazing new skills as a Certified Podcast VA. Lifetime access to the program is included with the bundle.

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The Directory

Create a searchable listing in our directory of Certified Podcast VAs and let the clients come to you. You'll get a basic listing as soon as you purchase the program, and you can upgrade to a premium listing at any time by completing the VA Assessment. Your one-year listing is included with the bundle.

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The Membership Community

Coaching, continuing education, and community. Ask tough questions, get live coaching from our founders, learn more in-depth skills, and be supported by virtual assistants just like you. One year of access to the Membership is included with the bundle.

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Here's what it looks like to work as a Certified Podcast VA and Get Supported by Our Community

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As a podcast VA, you'll help with the behind-the-scenes tasks that keep the show running smoothly, from welcoming guests via email to making sure the episode gets uploaded & published on-time.

In the Podcast VA Certification program you'll learn everything you need to know to successfully manage a show.

  1. Preparation: manage emails, walk guests through the interview process, organize files, create systems & workflows, and manage calendars

  2. Publishing: upload & schedule episodes, write show notes, create transcripts, and upload episodes to the show's website

  3. Publicity: create social media graphics & content, find collaboration opportunities, develop partnerships, and send emails.

Once you complete the certification process, you’ll have the exact skills to pitch your services to independent podcasters and grow your business as fast as you’d like.

Plus, you’ll get a premium listing in the Podcast VA Directory so that you can sit back and let the clients come to you! We market our VA Directory to Podcasters all over the world, plus we rank in the top of Google searches for terms like "podcast VA" and "podcast virtual assistant."

And with the bundle, you'll also get the Podcast VA Membership. You'll be part of our private community, The Podcast VA Connection, where you can connect with other virtual assistants to share tips, ask questions, swap referrals, or just chat about life as a VA.

You'll have access for one year to our Education Library - dozens of training videos on topics that matter to virtual assistants, with a special focus on trends and tools for the VA who works with podcasters and 12 live training sessions by our founders or an industry expert on topics that matter to virtual assistants, with a focus on trends & tools for the VA who works with podcasters.

And you'll have 12 live Q&A and Coworking sessions, where you’ll have the opportunity to get coaching and support for business & personal topics that matter to you as you grow your business. 


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Why Work with Podcasters?

Podcasting is big business!

There are currently over 2 million podcasts in existence, with more being added every day (via @podcastinsights). That means over 2 million possible shows for you to get hired on!

But beyond the numbers, the podcast industry is the perfect industry to work in if you want a steady, streamlined business.

First, because podcasting is a predictable business. There's typically no holiday rush, no launch cycle, and no busy season. Podcasters predictably create content week-in and week-out, meaning your workload stays consistent week after week and month after month.

Second, because podcasters are in the people business. Most podcasters do what they do because they love people, not because they're chasing a dollar and willing to capitalize on the loss of others to see success. That makes them full of integrity and compassion, and that makes them great people to work with.

And finally, podcasters all over the world need your help. See, podcasters are creatives. They're great at idea generation and creating their show. But they're typically not great at the mundane maintenance tasks that need to get done each week to keep their show alive and well.

Enter "podfade."

Podfade is what happens when podcasters don't have the support they need to get their show published and promoted every week. Eventually, the to-do list overwhelms them and their show fades into the ether...without any fanfare, they simply burn out from doing all the things it takes to create their show and give up on it.

We're on a mission to prevent podfade, and you as a Certified Podcast VA are the secret weapon against podfade!

If you're ready to learn more about what it takes to work for podcasters, click the button below to get access to our free training "Get Hired as a Podcast VA."

Hi, we're Jenn and Kelly, the founders of Podcast VA Association.

We are virtual assistants.

And like so many other VAs, we started our businesses for the freedom & flexibility we were promised. But, once we were in the trenches of working as virtual assistants, we realized that there's a lot more burnout in the VA world than there is freedom. Over the years, we've refined our services, up-leveled our businesses, and even started podcasting!

Jenn (right) is a mompreneur with a passion for systems, workflows, and simplifying. She launched her podcast This Mom Knows in 2020 with a mission to help moms get more done in less time so they don't have to choose between their family or their business.

Kelly is a social media VA-turned-coach-and-strategist who truly believes that it's possible to grow a simple, streamlined, and profitable business that gives you the time & money freedom you dream of, without sacrificing your family or your health.

We've been friends since 2015, when we belonged to the same homsechool group in the Chicagoland area.

Who knew that two homeschooling moms from the Midwest would take on the challenge of revolutionizing the Virtual Assistant industry AND the podcast industry?

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The Podcast VA Association Story

After getting her podcast up & running Jenn quickly realized that she needed help! And in conversations with other podcasters, she realized that podcasters everywhere struggle to find qualified VAs. In fact, most podcasters she knew were desperate to hire help but couldn’t find someone qualified!

Being the visionary that she is, Jenn saw a need in the market - a way to connect virtual assistants who understood the nuance of the podcasting world with the podcasters who need their help. At the end of 2021, she presented Kelly with the idea of creating a directory of virtual assistants whom we have trained in everything podcasting, and helping them get hired by the podcasters we know who need help. 

Knowing firsthand how belonging to a directory changed the trajectory of her social media business, Kelly jumped at the opportunity to help other VAs experience the same amazing transformation. We know that having a directory podcasters could search to find their perfect VA would be an invaluable tool in helping our Certified VAs get hired by their dream clients AND in helping podcasters find the perfect VA to help them with their needs.

Podcast VA Association the only certifying organization for virtual assistants looking to up-level their skills so they can streamline their VA business and beat VA burnout, while still making goo money.

We're so excited that you're considering becoming a Certified Podcast VA. If you have any questions about our training, the certifications process, or the directory, send us an email. We can't wait to see you there!

Are You Ready To Build a Sustainable and Profitable Business as a Podcast Virtual Assistant?

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